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(-) I was born in Paris in 1964. I was trained there as a joiner, which presented me with the opportunity to travel. I settled in London for a while, where I met my Irish wife. We eventually moved to County Mayo, in the west of Ireland where our son was born. There, I obtained my B.A. in art and design from Galway Mayo Institute of Technology. I use my wife's surname as a convenient way of stating that it is my belonging with her that makes those pictures possible

About my work

From years of craft work, I retain an interest for the relationship between work practices and their result. I am curious about the way a particular process or particular materials affect the resultant work of art. The manner by which a picture develops from a series of marks to become visible, readable, continues to surprise as, beyond the theories, constantly renewed ways of looking allow an ever changing array of pictorial possibilities. Self expression is not my aim. To be of interest, a picture must exist in a shared reality; the way in which we allow pictures to build bridges of understanding between a vast array of realities is worth exploring as this constitutes, to me, the richness of the subject.

Painting is only a method (a very efficient one) of building pictures. To keep this clear to myself, I find it useful to explore other means of building pictures; other materials, in order to be exploited efficiently, need to be explored for their intrinsic pictorial qualities. Through that exploration, I hope to achieve a greater awareness of the possibilities offered by whichever material or method I happen to be using for a particular picture.

It would be difficult to me to develop this research without the financial assistance of the people who buy my pictures and I wish here to express my gratitude to them.

Francois Gunning

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