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Pelagic Plastics

The pictures presented on this page have been the subject of exhibitions in:

. The National Aquarium in Galway, Ireland in the summer 2012

. NUIGalway during Environ 2013 in January 2013

. and Ifremer in Brest, France in June 2013.

They are built exclusively from plastic debris gathered on the seashore. All colours and textures come from the debris as they are found or have evolved from the original through their remelting or reshaping

The transformation of rejected and damaged materials into art work allows the resurfacing of the original qualities of a highly recyclable material. The characteristics of these debris bring about a reappraisal of traditions of picture making. These pictures follow in the long history of artworks produced from debris provided by the ocean.

The presence of millions of tons of plastics in the sea demands that new uses are found for used plastic goods. Following in a long tradition of artwork made from found objects,this work finds a new inspiration in the innovative attitudes of an emerging cleanup entrepreneurship. Attempts at reinstating the value of plastic helps develop new habits allowing the fostering of sustainable exploitation of resources.

Monument Valley A scenic shot of Monument Valley in Utah. Photo added on Jan 1, 1970

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